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Accreditation Resources for Workforce Development

Workforce Resource Center

The following resources will help health departments learn more about what they need to do to prepare for accreditation, and specifically the accreditation requirements related to workforce development.

Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards and Measures
PHAB's Standards & Measures document includes the criteria that LHDs must meet in order to become accredited. Workforce development is highlighted in Domain 8, as well as in Domain 11 (specifically standards 11.1.4 and 11.1.5). More »
NACCHO's Accreditation Preparation & Quality Improvement Website
NACCHO's Accreditation Preparation & Quality Improvement website includes resources for all stages of accreditation preparation and for developing a culture of continuous quality improvement. More »
NACCHO's Example Accreditation Documentation Library: Domain 8
NACCHO has collected examples of documents LHDs have selected to submit to PHAB. Click here to view examples from Domain 8 ("Maintain a competent public health workforce"). More »
NACCHO's Documentation Selection Tools: Workforce Requirements
This tool is a checklist of PHAB measures that specifically reference the public health workforce, including general human resource requirements, functions/responsibilities that must specifically be designated to a staff member, staff development and training requirements, and staff participation in a performance management system and quality improvement plan. More »
Workforce Development Plan Template and Manual
This website, developed by the Ohio Public Health Training Center located in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University, includes links to a workforce development plan template and an accompanying user manual that provides instruction on how to fill out the template. More »