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Research at NACCHO

National Profile of Local Health Departments (Profile Study)
Profile Logo

The National Profile of Local Health Departments (commonly referred to as the Profile Study) is a nationwide study investigating relevant topics on local public health infrastructure and practice. The Profile, which represents the largest, most reliable source of data on local health departments (LHDs), collects information on LHD structure, workforce, finance, governance, activities, and services. Findings from the most recent 2013 Profile study and previous Profile studies are available at

Forces of Change Survey
Forces of Change Logo

NACCHO’s Forces of Change surveys assess the impact of a variety of trends affecting change in LHDs, including health reform, economic factors, and accreditation. Findings from the 2014 and 2015 Forces of Change surveys are available here.

Other Research

NACCHO Programmatic Research

Programs across NACCHO conduct rigorous research on local health departments to better understand the work of local health departments across program areas. NACCHO uses this research to communicate the work of local health departments to our members, the public, and other public health decision makers. For a sample of NACCHO's newest programmatic research, click here.

Job Losses and Program Cuts Survey (Economic Surveillance Study)

From 2008 through 2013, NACCHO has periodically surveyed local health departments to assess the impact of the economic recession on local health department budgets, workforce, and programs. NACCHO has conducted seven surveys in this series. For reports, technical documentation, and survey instruments, click here.