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Model Practice Application Information

In the Spotlight
How to Apply

NACCHO encourages all LHDs who have implemented practices that (1) address the needs of identified populations, (2) promote and foster collaboration, (3) ensure the effective use of resources, and (4) provide framework for the development of future programs with the potential of more successful outcomes to apply for a model or promising practice award during a month long window in the fall.

Resources for applying are available on the right navigation.

About the Model Practices Program

NACCHO's Model Practices Program honors and recognizes outstanding local health practices from across the nation and shares and promotes these practices among local health departments (LHDs). Model and promising practices cut across all areas of local public health, including, but not limited to, community health, environmental health, emergency preparedness, infrastructure, governmental public health, and chronic disease.

Once practices are designated as model or promising, they are stored in the Model Practices Database so all LHDs can benefit from them. NACCHO began accepting Model Practices submissions in 2003. Since then, NACCHO has placed numerous model and promising practices in the searchable online Model Practice Database with more added each year.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about NACCHO's Model Practices Program, please e-mail and a member of NACCHO's membership team will respond.

How are Model Practices Applications Scored
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All Model Practices applications go through two phases of reviews. First, NACCHO lead staff review the application to ensure that it is complete. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant to with comments.

Applications are then judged by NACCHO's advisory groups members (peer review process), which consist of local health officials and other LHD staff with programmatic expertise.

The model and promising practice applications do not compete against each other; they are judged solely on set criteria.

All Model Practices applications are judged on four sets of criteria:

LHD Role/Collaboration:
The LHD should have had a role in the submitted practice in addition to the community and any involved agencies.
The practice should be new to the public health field or an inventive use of an existing practice.
The development of the practice should have been a result of a particular public health program or concern.
There must be a measure impact or potential for impact. The practice must demonstrate both process evaluation and outcome evaluation.