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2008 National Profile of Local Health Departments

In the Spotlight
2008 Profile Study

NACCHO’s National Profile of Local Health Departments is the most reliable and comprehensive description of LHDs’ infrastructure and practice. Get the latest facts and figures about LHDs’ services, financing, workforce, organization, and much more.

View the Main Report (PDF).

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Read the Brochure of Fast Facts (PDF).

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Additional Projects

The Workforce Report uses data from the 2005 and 2008 National Profile of Local Health Department (Profile) studies to provide supplemental information on the LHD workforce not available in the main 2008 Profile report. Topics covered include trends on specific occupations; LHD top executives; staff recruitment and retirement; workforce development; and changes in staff size. This is a great resource for LHD leaders and staff, program evaluators, policy analysts, and public health researchers who want to know more about the public health workforce.

The Big City LHDs report presents data from NACCHO's 2008 National Profile of Local Health Departments to provide a better picture of the infrastructure of large LHDs, including funding, workforce size, and top services provided. This report can help personalize presentations and prepare policy statements for specific LHDs.

To access either the Workforce Report or Big Cities report, please visit our National Profile of Local Health Department Series webpage.

The Longitudinal Analysis of LHD Activities factsheet uses data collected from the 2005 and 2008 Profile studies to examine how services offered by LHDs changed between 2005 and 2008. Only LHDs that served the same geographic jurisdiction at the times of administration of the 2005 and 2008 Profile questionnaires were included in the analysis. 

Longitudinal Analysis of LHD Activities (PDF)

State Reports

Twenty state reports using the "2008 National Profile of Local Health Departments" data are now online and available for download. State and local health department staff and others can now compare their state’s LHDs to other LHDs nationwide regarding funding, workforce size, top services provided, and more, in a useful PowerPoint format. These reports are great tools for providing state or local presentations, supporting public health advocacy, and preparing policy statements. 

Click here to access the State Reports.

Figures and Charts

The figures and charts from the 2008 National Profile of Local Health Departments are now available for download! These figures can be used to prepare policy statements, enhance presentations, and compare individual local health department data to national statistics. They are easily downloadable and can be inserted directly into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint applications. 

Click here to download the figures and charts.

For Researchers

To obtain Profile data and technical documentation about the Profile Studies,
click here.