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5. Goals/Strategies


During the Formulate Goals and Strategies phase of the MAPP Process, participants take the strategic issues identified in the previous phase and formulate goal statements related to those issues. They, then, identify broad strategies for addressing issues and achieving goals related to the community's vision. The result is the development and adoption of an interrelated set of strategy statements.

Phase 5 Highlights

Recommended Participants

MAPP Committee— identifies and develops goals and strategies; adopts final strategy statements.

Core Support Teamor Subcommittees— explores specific issues or strategies on an "as needed" basis.

Overview of the Steps for the Goals/Strategies Phase:

  1. Develop goals related to the vision and the identified strategic issues.
  2. Generate a range of strategy alternatives to address the goals and help the community achieve its vision. Take current strategies and activities into consideration when developing new and innovative approaches.
  3. Consider barriers to implementation, such as insufficient resources, lack of community support, legal or policy impediments, or technological difficulties.
  4. Explore implementation details by considering concrete actions that need to be taken, the organizations and individuals that need to be involved, the resources required, and the proposed timeline for implementation.
  5. Select strategies by choosing among the alternatives. Once selected, adopt the strategies through formal or informal processes.
  6. Draft and adopt the planning report. Written documentation ensures consensus, provides a source of reference, and helps to set the stage for action planning and implementation.


Goals/Strategies Overview
For an overview of the steps necessary for this phase.                                         

In-depth Guidance
Download full text of this phase  as a PDF

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