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4. Strategic Issues


During this phase of the MAPP process, participants develop an ordered list of the most important issues facing the community. Strategic issues are identified by exploring the convergence of the results of the four MAPP Assessments and determining how those issues affect the achievement of the shared vision.

Phase 4 Highlights

Recommended Participants

Core Support Team — compiles the results and prepares for MAPP Committee discussions. Rather than using a core support team, some communities may designate a subcommittee to carry out these activities.

MAPP Committee — reviews the results of the four MAPP Assessments and identifies strategic issues.

Overview of the Steps for the Strategic Issues Phase:

  1. Identify potential strategic issues by reviewing the findings from the Visioning process and the four MAPP Assessments.
  2. Arrive at an understanding of why certain issues are strategic by considering the convergence of assessment findings.
  3. Determine the consequences of not addressing certain issues by considering the urgency or immediacy of the issue.
  4. Consolidate overlapping or related issues into a manageable number. The final list should include no more than 12 issues.
  5. Arrange issues in priority order by considering how they relate to one another.


Strategic Issues Overview
Find an overview of the steps necessary for this phase.                                         

In-depth Guidance
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