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Clearinghouse Phase 6: Action Cycle

Creating the Action Plan
Action Group Planning Template
This template helps to link activities with objectives and goals, define and assign responsibilities for specific steps, and develop a timeline for implementing the MAPP Action Plan. More »
Implementation Plan Worksheet
This worksheet will assist MAPP teams in developing a timeline and assigning responsibilities for the implementation phase. More »
Defining Terms Used in Objective-Setting Tip Sheet
This one-page document defines the different types of objectives used during the action cycle and provides examples of each. More »
CDC Program Evaluation Resources
The CDC Evaluation Working Group provides program evaluation resources and includes guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation.  More »
Gliffy Online Diagram Software
This free online software can help MAPP communities diagram planning, evaluation, and communication materials such as organizational charts, logic models, flowcharts, and business processes. More »
Management Academy for Public Health
If your MAPP team has completed organizing for success and partnership development, visioning, assessments, identifying strategic issues, and formulating goals and strategies, then the Management Academy for Public Health can assist you in launching the action cycle of the MAPP process. With the help of the Management Academy faculty and the Kenan-Flagler Business School coaches, your project idea can be strategically developed into a feasible and sustainable business plan. For more information, please contact the Management Academy at or (919) 843-8541.
SMART Objectives Guide
The evaluation guide "Writing SMART Objectives" is aimed at helping users develop specific, measurable, attainable/achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. This guide describes the components of a SMART objective and provides examples. An exercise at the end offers an opportunity to work through the development of SMART objectives. More »
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
This Logic Model Development Guide provides step-by-step guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation.  More »
Roles and Responsibilities
Example Community Information and Participant Survey
Distributed in Northern Kentucky, this cover letter and brief survey expresses gratitude to MAPP participants and invites previous participants to become part of the implementation process or action cycle. The survey serves as a space for individuals to specify which issues they are most interested in working on, and with which organizations they have previously partnered with or would like to work with in the future. More »
Example Subcommittee Progress Report
This four-page document can serve as a template for subcommittee reports on various strategic issues. The progress report is designed to encourage subcommittees to think about and discuss their challenges and successes. More »
Example Subcommittee Flyer
This flyer distributed in San Antonio briefly explains the MAPP program, lists partner organizations, and describes the purpose of each of the strategic issue subcommittees. More »
Evaluating Your Progress
Example Action Cycle Tool Evaluation
This four-page community survey distributed in Kentucky was designed to measure how well Northern Kentucky was achieving their vision. The strategic issues in Northern Kentucky's Master Health Plan are based on the National Public Health Performance Standards. The identified issues are described in terms of achieving model standards, identifying partner organizations to evaluate, and measuring how well standards are being incorporated. More »
Example Evaluation Report
This 13-page evaluation report produced by the East Central District Health Department (ECDHD), Nebraska, provides background on the implementing community and highlights the core issues revealed by the MAPP process. The document also explores the challenges and successes ECDHD experienced throughout their MAPP efforts. More »
Engaging the Media Tip Sheet
This two-page document provides helpful hints for engaging the media, from guidelines on crafting briefings and press releases to interviewing tips. More »
Foundation Center Proposal Writing Resources
The Foundation Center provides a series of free and cost-associated resources for individuals interested in learning more about proposal writing. The Foundation Center's Web site includes information about classroom training courses, online training courses, online guides and tutorials, books, and webinars. Many resources are available in both English and Spanish. More »
Grant Writing Tip Sheets
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) host a series of grant writing tip sheets and other resources on their Grants Web site. The Web site includes information about how to prepare grant applications, information for new NIH grant applicants, and grant writing tips. More »
PHF QI Quickguide
Visit the QI Quickguide to learn about QI concepts, the PDCA cycle, and connect to hundreds of free resources. More »