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Clearinghouse Phase 4: Strategic Issues

Overview of the Process
Description of Strategic Issues Identification Process
In this one-page document, San Antonio provides a description of their strategic issues identification process. Also provided in this document are links to more information about the technology of participation facilitation process, which several MAPP communities have successfully used in various phases of the process. More »
Getting Ready to Begin
Strategic Issues Committee Chairperson Job Description
This is a comprehensive description of the duties and responsibilities expected of strategic issues committee chairperson. More »
Facilitator's Notes
The Saginaw, MI steering committee met to review the data from the four MAPP assessments. This three-page document provides an agenda for reviewing the data and identifying themes. More »
Summary Reports and Presentations
Strategic Issues Relationship Diagram
This diagram helps users illustrate how a strategic issue is supported by data from each of the four assessments. More »
Example Completed Strategic Issues Relationship Diagram
The Chicago partnership completed this diagram illustrating the relationship between the strategic issues identified by their community and the corresponding MAPP phases. More »
Strategic Issues Identification Worksheet
This worksheet defines the term "strategic issues" and poses questions to help MAPP teams define their own community's strategic issues. More »