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Clearinghouse General

Overview of the Process
Lessons Learned PowerPoint
Developed by the El Paso County (CO) Department of Health and Environment, this 20-minute PowerPoint presentation describes how El Paso County approached MAPP, the lessons learned in the process, and suggestions for future MAPP users. More »
MAPP Overview PowerPoint
Developed by NACCHO staff, this PowerPoint provides a brief overview of MAPP's phases and philosophy. The presentation should take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.  Please contact NACCHO for an abbreviated version of this PowerPoint. More »
Winter 2013 MAPP Training PowerPoint
This 216-page PowerPoint presentation was used at the 3-day Winter MAPP Training in Alexandria, VA, on February 26-28, 2013. The presentation includes an overview of MAPP, stories from the field, information about identifying strategic issues, and the four MAPP assessments. More »
MAPP Full Training Participant Packet
This 210-page participant packet was used at the three-day MAPP training in Alexandria, VA, on February 26-28, 2013. The packet includes an agenda, the full PowerPoint presentation, and various MAPP training exercises. More »
MAPP Poster
This poster was created by members of the MAPP Steering Committee in Will County, IL. The poster was developed to help members of the various committees remember the components of each phase and the relationship between phases. The Will County vision statement is also included to remind community members of their shared, overarching goal for the community. More »
Roles and Responsibilities
MAPP Coordinator Job Description
Focused on the assessment portion of MAPP, this job description provides a good basis for identifying the skills needed in a MAPP coordinator. More »
MAPP Performance Plan
This resource was developed to evaluate the MAPP coordinator's job performance. The performance plan includes job responsibilities, behaviors, and outcomes. More »
Getting Ready to Begin
Engaging the Community Tip Sheet
This five-page document explores the principles and challenges of community engagement and provides tips for achieving a community-driven MAPP process. More »
Engaging the Media Tip Sheet
This two-page document provides helpful hints for engaging the media, from guidelines on crafting briefings and press releases to tips on interviewing. More »
Facilitation within the MAPP Process Tip Sheet
This three-page document provides useful information on what to consider when selecting a facilitator, where to find experienced facilitators, and how to work with facilitators. More »
CDC Program Evaluation Resources
The CDC Evaluation Working Group provides program evaluation resources and includes guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation. More »
Gliffy Online Diagram Software
This free online software can help MAPP communities diagram planning, evaluation, and communication materials such as organizational charts, logic models, flowcharts, and business processes. More »
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
This Logic Model Development Guide provides step-by-step guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation. More »
Defining Terms: The Public Health System
This one-page document defines the term "public health system" and describes different organizational roles within the system. More »
Developed by NACCHO staff, this PowerPoint and fact sheet provide a brief overview of MAPP's phases and philosophy, draw comparisons between the MAPP and PACE EH processes and their predecessor, APEXPH, and should help answer questions concerning which tool to use and how to use these tools together. More »
Local MAPP Resource Guide
Developed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, this guide provides a brief overview of each phase, a tracking feature to track successes and milestones in the process, and links to sources of data (both national and South Carolina-specific) for the assessments. More »
CDC's Guide to Community Preventive Services
The Guide to Community Preventive Services is a free resource developed by the CDC to help you choose programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease in your community. More »
CDC's Winnable Battles Resources
The Winnable Battles initiative of the CDC is an effort to achieve measurable impact quickly in a few targeted areas with large-scale impact on health and with known, effective strategies to address the targeted areas. Resources include background information about CDC's Winnable Battles, including a PowerPoint presentation, answers to frequently asked questions, and media coverage. More »
Community Tool Box
A project of University of Kansas, the Community Tool Box provides a range of tools for improving community health. The stated purpose of the Community Tool Box is to build capacity for community health improvement and help leaders bring about the changes they envision. The Community Tool Box includes tools, links to other online resources, and opportunities to connect with peer advisors. More »
How to Use Healthy People in Your Assessment and Planning Efforts
Community health assessment and improvement planning can be overwhelming, but Healthy People 2020 can make it easier. NACCHO created a series of short videos, each under three minutes, to showcase how elements of Healthy People 2020 can assist assessment and planning activities. There are five videos total, including topics such as:

  • Healthy People Basics
  • Healthy Poeple and Assessment
  • Healthy People and Establishing Priorities
  • Healthy People and Setting Local Targets
  • Healthy People and Evidence-Based Practices

Access these short videos by visiting the Healthy People 2020-NACCHO Partnership Resources page. More »

MAPP Glossary
This glossary provides definitions for many of the terms found in MAPP guidance and support materials. More »
MAPP and Healthy People: Survey Findings on Connections, Collaborations, and Challenges
NACCHO surveyed the 434 participants of the MAPP network regarding their use of MAPP and HP 2020. This 18-page report describes the current MAPP activity of participants, their views of the impact of MAPP on community health assessment processes and health outcomes, and information regarding the use of HP 2020 within community health assessment activities. More »
MAPP and Unnatural Causes: A Strategic Approach to Tackling Health Inequities Powerpoint
This presentation was delivered at APHA Annual Conference in November 2010. More »
NACCHO Community Health Assessment and Health Reform Webpage
Provisions of the Affordable Care Act require each non-profit hospital facility in the United States to conduct a community health needs assessment and adopt an implementation strategy to meet identified community health needs. The Community Health Assessment and Health Reform webpage provides resources to help LHDs and non-profit hospitals conduct collaborative community health assessment and improvement processes. More »
Pinellas Indicators Website
The Health and Human Services Coordinating Council for Pinellas County (FL) has developed a community information system that provides timely access to statistics and dynamic data visualization. This tool allows for intra-county quality-of-life comparisons by census tract or ZIP code, as well as comparisons between Pinellas County and other counties in Florida. Where possible, data is provided for multiple years to allow for the examination of trends over time. This tool is a good example of how to organize data for a MAPP community. More »