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Phase 4: Chicago, IL Vignette

Identifying Strategic Issues

At its October 1999 meeting, the Chicago Partnership identified strategic issues that would need to be addressed if its vision for public health in Chicago was to be achieved. The process began with a review of five key findings to remind members of the major points that had emerged from the partnership''s prior work in the following five areas:

  1. Vision for Chicago''s Public Health System
  2. Health Profile
  3. Community Forums
  4. Analysis of Trends and Forces
  5. Public Health System Assessment

Members were asked to consider the findings both individually and collectively in an effort to identify predominant and cross-cutting issues. The partnership then considered a preliminary list of six possible strategic issues as a starting point for the discussion. Each of the preliminary issues was reviewed and discussion centered on how each reflected the partnership''s vision and captured the findings of its four analyses. Some members suggested new wording to better reflect the scope of the partnership''s thinking. The senior project staff, serving as facilitator, challenged participants who suggested major changes, including new strategic issues, to link them to the vision and findings of the analyses. By the end of the two-hour meeting, the partnership had identified six strategic issues:

  1. How can governmental public health agencies demonstrate more effective leadership in areas of policy development, assessment and assurance?
  2. How can the partnership strengthen coordination among public health partners?
  3. How can Chicago''s public health community and its partners eliminate racial/ethnic, gender, and social class disparities in health status?
  4. How can the public health community ensure access to population based on personal healthcare services?
  5. How can the partnership foster the development of sustainable community-based partnerships to increase the community''s voice in systems planning, program development, policy, and advocacy?
  6. How can the public health community most effectively
    1. Foster the sharing of data and other information between agencies,
    2. Group information resources in the most useful manner, and
    3. Disseminate information to the public and other users?
A vignette from Chicago's experiences is provided throughout every phase of the MAPP process.
Chicago, IL Contact Information:
Erica Salem
Director of Planning and Development
Chicago Department of Public Health
333 South State Street, Room 200
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: 312-747-9430
Fax: 312-747-9694
email: Salem_erica@cdph.org
See website for full plan at (cityofchicago.org/health)