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Northern Kentucky District Health Department, KY

Description of Sites / Initial Thoughts about the Use of MAPP

The Northern Kentucky Health District serves four counties (Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton) with a population of nearly 340,000. The health district is made up of six sites, two offices, and four clinics, one in each county. The district serves a fairly homogenous population, although there is a small but growing minority population. The health district is overseen by a 29-member district board of health, which sets policy and approves activities related to the health department's activities.

The Northern Kentucky Health District has a large amount of resources at its disposal, including four full-time staff devoted to community assessment and planning. The health district has used both parts of APEXPH twice, served as a PACE EH pilot site, and has reviewed APEXCPH, giving it a great deal of knowledge and experience in assessment and planning. Given its experience, the health district is seen as a leader in the state, especially in the area of community health assessment and planning. The Kentucky State Health Department and other districts were interested in monitoring MAPP's implementation to make decisions about its use elsewhere in the state.

The planning staff has given MAPP's implementation a great deal of thought. They developed a work plan for implementing MAPP and have identified the individuals that need to be involved in leading or participating in each of the four assessments. Past processes have not engaged the community to the extent that MAPP will, and the staff is excited about the emphasis that MAPP puts on community engagement and ownership.

The Community Health Committee (CHC) reviewed APEXCPH, developed two community health plans using APEXPH, oversaw the PACE EH pilot project, and will serve as the MAPP Oversight Committee. The CHC has approximately 25 members, appointed by the district board of health, and is representative of a large cross-section of organizations and sectors (although there is somewhat heavy representation from higher education and nursing). A great majority of the committee's members reside in one of the three larger counties.

As mentioned previously, Northern Kentucky serves four counties. Three (Boone, Campbell, and Kenton) are among the top 10 counties in family income in Kentucky. This wealth provides local public health funding and allows them to greatly influence the district's public health agenda. The fourth county, Grant, is the third fastest growing county in the state and its size may lead to a larger representation on the CHC in the future. Grant County is still predominately rural and is located far south of the population center of the district. The district's staff is currently making a big push to get Grant County residents and organizations more involved. Planning staff see MAPP as a useful tool for accomplishing this.

Northern, KY Case Study
The case study provides information about the community's experience and process it went through using the MAPP tool, including links to resources used and lessons learned.
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Northern Kentucky Contact Information:
Alan V. Kalos, Planning Manager
Northern Kentucky District Health Department
610 Medical Village Dr.
Edgewood, KY 41017
Tel: 859-341-4264
Fax: 859-578-3689