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San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, TX

Description of Sites / Initial Thoughts about the Use of MAPP 

San Antonio is the largest and most urban of the nine demonstration sites. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and its nearly 700 employees serve the city of San Antonio and surrounding Bexar County with a population of almost 1.4 million. More than 82 percent of the population, which is primarily Hispanic, resides within the city of San Antonio.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District works in connection with the appointed, 10-member Advisory Board of Health. The board functions as an advisory committee to the City Council, but does not have the authority to set policy.

Although San Antonio was a PACE EH pilot site, the process was used to address a specific issue around the closure of Kelly Air Force Base. The health district operates 24 clinics throughout the county, with 11 devoted to the delivery of a wide array of preventive health services. Although the health department is oriented toward the delivery of preventive healthcare and environmental health services and devoted minimal staff time to MAPP, the health district recognizes the need for additional staff support and is considering either hiring a MAPP coordinator or redirecting resources to support the process. In addition, the health district has been collaborating with local hospital systems to identify funding and local expertise to support activities needed for MAPP. Ultimately, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District hopes to transition into a more community-focused organization with MAPP serving as a blueprint for that process.
San Antonio, TX Case Study
The case study provides information about the community's experience and process it went through using the MAPP tool, including links to resources used and lessons learned.
Phase 4: Identifying Strategic Issues
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San Antonio Contact Information:
Kathy Shields
Special Projects Manager, MAPP

San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
332 W. Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78205

Tel: (210)07-6030
Fax: 210-207-8999