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Phase 1: Northern Kentucky Region Vignette

Organize for Success/Partnership Development

The Northern Kentucky District Health Department began the MAPP process by first completing the APEXPH and PACE-EH community assessments. Through these processes, the CHC developed a two-volume Community Health Plan 1996 & 1999 to define 10 local priority public health objectives.

The CHC became the core committee for the MAPP process. The CHC has 26 community members who represent a cross-section of the four counties served by the district health department. Previously, the CHC worked on implementing the health plan, which was used as the starting point for MAPP by incorporating the action cycle phase of MAPP into the activities of the CHC implementation teams.

The Organize for Success phase included presenting MAPP to the CHC, the health department staff, and the district board of health. The NACCHO demonstration site MAPP kick-off began with a site visit by representatives from the MAPP workgroup and NACCHO staff, giving the MAPP project a sense of importance. The kick-off visit also introduced MAPP to neighboring health departments in Ohio and Kentucky.

Some of the key elements used in the APEXPH process were carried over to MAPP, including binders for each participant with the MAPP Field Guide; by-laws; applications for the CHC and subcommittees; committee job descriptions; an organizational chart outlining the relationship between the CHC, subcommittees, board of health, and health department staff; and a glossary of terms.

Of key importance in the Organize for Success/Partnership Development phase is the integration of the process with other ongoing planning efforts by the health department and local community organizations. Care needs to be taken to reassure the community that this process has a purpose and that it does not simply duplicate other current and past assessment and planning efforts.

For information on East Tennessee's subsequent activities, see:
Northern Kentucky Contact Information:
Alan V. Kalos, Planning Manager
Northern Kentucky District Health Department
610 Medical Village Dr.
Edgewood, KY 41017
Tel: 859-341-4264
Fax: 859-578-3689