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Public Health Information Network

The Public Health Information Network (PHIN) is a live, secure Internet-based network for the secure exchange of public health information. PHIN supports key public health functions such as detecting health problems, analyzing data, communicating alerts, linking people with useful information, and managing public health response. PHIN is a multiorganizational business and technical architecture, and includes technical standards, data standards, and specifications for doing work. PHIN is also a process for integrating public health partners across the nation. To realize the promise of PHIN, health departments at the local, state, and federal levels must commit to using the PHIN standards, participate in developing and implementing specifications, and consider the data needs of partners.


PHIN Functions and Specifications

PHIN Roadshow and Webinars

The National Center for Public Health Informatics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently held a series of meetings to review the PHIN functional requirements that have been drafted to date and to solicit input from state and local public health partners.  Click the following links to view a slide shows of the findings presented during PHIN Roadshow Webinars: