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Public Health Infrastructure and Systems

icon_phis100pixelLocal public health infrastructure includes the systems, competencies, frameworks, relationships, and resources that enable public health agencies to perform their core functions and essential services. Infrastructure categories encompass human, organizational, informational, legal, policy, and fiscal resources.

NACCHO's infrastructure and systems programs create tools to build local health department (LHD) infrastructure and systems; collect, analyze, and disseminate knowledge and insights from demonstration and pilot sites; lead trainings, informatics, and MAPP; and conduct research to strengthen LHD infrastructure by informing public policy and identifying needs.

What is the LHD's Unique Role and Value in a Transforming Health System?

Local public health is experiencing a significant period of transformation. Across the nation, LHD leaders are changing the way they do business to ensure that staff have the skills and resources necessary to work across sectors, to question why health inequality exists, to make data-driven decisions, and to think strategically about how to engage the community to create conditions for health, safety, and equity. NACCHO's public health transformation portfolio aims to assist LHDs as they grapple with the complex challenges that impede growth, adaptation, and innovation. More »

PHUND$: Public Health Uniform National Data System

PHUND$ is a web-based public health financial data collection and analysis portal. LHDs enter financial and demographic data, and PHUND$ generates feedback on financial and operational conditions through ratio and trend analysis, dashboards, benchmarking, and analysis of program financial performance.

Confidentially is a core value of PHUND$ and data collected is identifiable only by the reporting agency and NACCHO. NACCHO provides support and hosts the PHUND$ Web portal. PHUND$ is a joint effort with Peggy Honoré at the University of Southern Mississippi and is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. More »