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Healthy People 2020 and Community Benefit

Moving Forward Together to Benefit Our Communities Meeting Materials
Recently, NACCHO convened partners and leaders from the local, state and national level for a working meeting on moving forward community health (needs) assessment and improvement planning as a field to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy. Materials and resources from the meeting can be found below. 


Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) require each non-profit hospital facility in the United States to conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and adopt an implementation strategy to meet identified community health needs. In conducting the CHNA, non-profit hospitals are required to take into account input from persons who represent the broad interests of the community served, including those with special knowledge of or expertise in public health.

NACCHO is committed to helping local health departments (LHDs) strategically align their community health assessment efforts with other assessment initiatives such as those of non-profit hospitals. The resources below provide information to help LHDs and non-profit hospitals utilize Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020) to conduct collaborative community health assessment and improvement processes.

For more general information about Community Benefit, visit NACCHO's Community Benefit webpage.

Assessing and Addressing Community Health Needs
Assessing and Addressing Community Health Needs is a report developed by the Catholic Health Association to help non-profit health care organizations strengthen their assessment and community benefit planning processes. Using the Catholic Health Association's previous work and the experience of community benefit professionals and public health expertise, this book offers practical advice on how hospitals can work with community and public health partners to assess community health needs and develop effective strategies for improving health in our communities. More »
Community Benefit Workshop PowerPoint Slides
This 85-slide PowerPoint presentation is from a pre-conference workshop at NACCHO Annual 2012, "Community Benefit: What Every Local Health Department Needs to Know." Participants learned what LHDs can do to increase collaborations with local hospitals and other partners in community health assessment and improvement planning. Speakers included a LHD health planner, a representative from a non-profit hospital association, leaders from two LHD non-profit hospital collaborative methods, and a representative from a managed care organization. More »
The Hilltop Institute Hospital Community Benefit Program
The Hilltop Institute Hospital Community Benefit Program is a central resource for state and local policymakers who seek to ensure that tax-exempt hospital community benefit activities are responsive to pressing community needs. The program provides tools to state and local health departments, hospital regulators, legislators, hospitals, and more to develop approaches that suit the unique needs of their communities and work toward a more accessible, coordinated and effective community health system. More »

For more information, contact Barbara Laymon at blaymon@naccho.org.

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