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Tooele County Health Department (UT)

Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs): 44

Population Served:

QI Technique:
Process Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Diagram

Project Overview:
The Tooele County Health Department (TCHD) is located in adjacent to Salt Lake City in UT and serves a predominantly rural population. TCHD was a beta test site for the Public Health Accreditation Board’s (PHAB’s) voluntary national accreditation program in 2010. As part of the beta test process, sites completed a QI project to address an area identified through their self-assessment. TCHD’s goal was to review, update and train employees on departmental internal policies.

Tooele County Health Department QI Project Final Report
Tooele County Health Department Storyboard
Tooele County Health Department Appendices