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Story of Measurable Improvement in Public Health

Name of Health Department/Agency: Oneida County Health Department
State: WI
Contact Name: Linda Conlon
Contact Information:
Date Added: 2/13/2012
Program/Topic Area: Inspections of Tourist Rooming Houses
QI techniques/tools:  PDCA, Niatx form
Description of the process and intervention: Less than 50% of tourist rooming houses were being inspected. It was hard to complete inspections when owners lived out of state, closed the TRH at end of summer and basically weren't around very much for us to inspect. The environmental technician started a process to increase the number of inspections. The first step was updating the mailing list and developing an email grouping. Sending letters was tried but only had a 50% return rate. A letter with stronger language was adopted. Hand pulling charts was then tried but this was way too time consuming. Internet searching provided some additional information and will be utilized. Scheduling the visit for the next year and asking for updated addresses, emails, and phone numbers at the site visit was implemented. All of these steps led to an increase of TRH inspections to 90%
Result/outcome: Oneida County Health Department increased TRH inspections by 40%.
Next Steps: Oneida County Health Department will continue to use the system in place for updating contact information, scheduling appointment for the following year or at least getting a good time of the season to schedule, write appointment on business card, utilize computer program and use email.

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