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Story of Measurable Improvement in Public Health

Name of Health Department/Agency: Kane County Health Department
State: IL
Contact Name: Kate Marishta
Contact Information:
Date Added: 9/26/2011
Program/Topic Area: Immunizations, statistics/data collection
QI techniques/tools:  Fishbone Diagram, Flowchart, Force-field analysis, PDCA, Run Chart,
Description of the process and intervention: The goal of this QI effort was to decrease duplication of statistical collection in the Immunization Program, as well as to increase accuracy of vaccine accountability from a baseline of 92% to 98%. Through a root cause analysis, it was determined that duplicate systems had been created resultant from a lack of knowledge on the available computer system and inaccuracies in the automated computer system. In addition, the group found no process for regularly accounting for vaccine (was done on a quarterly basis, but vaccine was taken in and out of the system weekly). Interventions included development of a single system used for both tracking vaccine accountability and keeping monthly statistics. In addition, vaccine is now counted both before and after each clinic. Also, the technical issue with the computer system was reported to developers.
Result/outcome: As a result of the intervention, the process was improved to eliminate manual statistical collection, and now utilizes a single electronic system of data collection. Vaccine accountability improved from 92% to 100% and has maintained this level of accountability for 4 months. Developers of the computer tracking system have also found the cause of the discrepancy.
Next Steps: Computer system developers are working to restructure the report, which will impact the Immunization Program on a statewide level, not just within this agency. In addition, the program is currently exploring ways to integrate with the state immunization registry in place of the current computer system.

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