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Story of Measurable Improvement in Public Health

Name of Health Department/Agency: Cabarrus Health Alliance
State: NC
Contact Name: Cindy Walker
Contact Information:
Date Added: 6/27/2011
Program/Topic Area: Verification of qualifications
QI techniques/tools:  Fishbone Diagram, Flowchart, Histogram, Root Cause Analysis, Pre/post test survey
Description of the process and intervention: The agency’s policy and procedures for verifying credentials of new hires was not always being followed. Using a Fishbone diagram, a root cause analysis revealed that there was a lack of awareness among hiring staff of the procedures and a Pareto chart was used to identify recommendations for improvement. The goal of this QI effort was to ensure that 100% of supervisors responsible for hiring nurses will have increased their knowledge of the RN verification process. The improvement theory was that if an educational session, including clarification of the written policy and a checklist to follow during the hiring process, was provided, then the supervisors responsible for hiring RNs will increase their knowledge on the procedure to verify and document RN status. A pre-test was administered to test knowledge of hiring procedures prior to the intervention and the average score was 62.5%. Hiring managers then attended a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session and were given a copy of the policy and procedures along with a hiring checklist. A post-test was administered to measure change in knowledge.
Result/outcome: As a result of the educational session, all the managers and supervisors responsible for hiring RNs scored 100% indicating a significant increase in knowledge.
Next Steps: The revised policy was approved and signed by the CEO and the Human Resources Specialist will continue to monitor the hiring of RNs to ensure that the policy is being followed. The agency will continue to expand this process to very all qualifications and licensures for all positions.

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