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Standard 5.3: Strategic Plan


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Standard 5.3: Develop and implement a health department organizational strategic plan

Strategic planning is a process for defining and determining an organization's roles, priorities, and direction over three to five years. A strategic plan sets forth what an organization plans to achieve, how it will achieve it, and how it will know if it has achieved it. The strategic plan provides a guide for making decisions on allocating resources and on taking action to pursue strategies and priorities. A health department's strategic plan focuses on the entire health department. Health department programs may have program-specific strategic plans that complement and support the health department's organizational strategic plan.

Required documentation by measure
Keep these considerations in mind when selecting documentation for this standard:
  • Strategic planning process can be led by staff or by outside agency
  • If the health department is part of an umbrella agency, it must be actively involved in the planning process
  • Strategic plan should be linked to the health improvement plan for the community and the QI plan for the agency
Measure 5.3.1 A: Department strategic planning process

Required Documentation Examples
1. Use a planning process to develop the organization’s strategic plan:

a. Membership of the strategic planning group

b. Strategic planning process steps

Strategic Planning process

Strategic Planning retreat description and materials

Strategic planning process documents

Measure purpose: to assess the health department’s strategic planning process.
Measure 5.3.2 A: Adopted department strategic plan

Required Documentation
1. Health department strategic plan that includes:

a. Mission, vision, guiding principles/values

b. Strategic priorities

c. Goals and objectives with measurable and time-framed targets

d. Consideration of key support functions required for efficiency and effectiveness

e. Identification of external trends, events, or factors that may impact community health or the health department

f. Assessment of health department strengths and weaknesses

g. Link to the health improvement plan and quality improvement plan

See NACCHO's Strategic Plan Page for high quality examples                                

Measure purpose: to assess the health department’s completion and adoption of a department strategic plan.
Measure 5.3.3 A: Implement department strategic plan

Required Documentation
1. Progress towards achievement of the goals and objectives contained in the plan

Measure purpose: to assess the health department’s implementation of its strategic plan.