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Organizational Culture of Quality

Roadmap to a Culture of Quality

Quality roadmapimprovement (QI) is increasingly being embraced as a means to achieve efficiencies and other improvements with limited resources. Beyond discrete QI efforts, a comprehensive approach to QI – one in which the concepts of QI are ingrained in the shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of all individuals in the agency – will ensure that QI is institutionalized and becomes part of the way that LHDs do business. To assist LHDs to this end, NACCHO has developed a Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement.


NACCHO's Organizational Culture of Quality Self Assessment Tool

NACCHO's Organizational Culture of Quality Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) enables beginner, intermediate, and advanced local health departments (LHDs) to conduct a baseline assessment of organizational maturity within critical aspects of a culture of quality, revealing opportunities for improvement, and informing a trajectory for next steps to reaching a culture of quality.  The tool is intentionally designed to complement NACCHO's Roadmap to a Culture of Quality which provides high level guidance on progressing through six phases of QI maturity by incrementally building six foundational elements of a quality culture. The SAT is framed around these six foundational elements and further sub-divided into 20 sub-elements, providing an in-depth assessment of the people, systems, and structures that support a quality culture. Based on assessment results, this tool also identifies tangible transition strategies for moving along the Roadmap. The SAT contains three main components: 1) Diagnostic Statements to assess the current organizational culture and identify priority gaps; 2) Corresponding Transition Strategies that provide suggested actions to close priority gaps; and 3) A Scoring Summary sheet to document results and assist with organizational planning efforts. 

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Please contact Pooja Verma at pverma@naccho.org for more information.