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The Prerequisites for National Accreditation

There are three eligibility determination requirements (or prerequisites) that are part of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) application process and must be in place in order to apply for PHAB accreditation. These include (1) a current* agency strategic plan; (2) a current* community health assessment (CHA); and (3) a current* community health improvement plan (CHIP). PHAB will review all applications for completeness to determine whether the required documentation is included, required fees are paid, and the three prerequisite documents are included. The resources in the tabs will help agencies develop or update these documents, and also provide examples from LHDs across the country.


To learn more about PHAB’s requirements and to view examples of document development from three LHDs, view a webinar entitled CHAs, CHIPs, and Strategic Plans, Oh My! The Prerequisites for National Accreditation that NACCHO hosted on Nov. 17, 2009 (please e-mail to access video). Please note the date of this webinar and that none of the examples or resources provided in this section of the website have been evaluated against the PHAB standards and measures. These resources are examples only.


 *Based on version 1.5 of PHAB’s Standards and Measures (2014), prerequisites must have been updated in the last five years.