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Engage Local Governing Entity


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To be eligible for accreditation, an LHD’s local governing entity (LGE) must sign a letter of support. Additionally, Domain 12 of the PHAB standards relates to engaging the LGE, making it important to involve it in the accreditation preparation process. The following resources exist to assist an LHD with engaging their local governing entity.

Accreditation & Public Health 101 PowerPoint Presentations for LGEs
As LHDs move toward preparing for national accreditation, it is important to remember that local governing entities (LGEs) are critical players in this process. Whether the authority of the LGE is defined as governing, policy making, or advisory, LHDs are held accountable to them and therefore must gain support before proceeding with the accreditation process. Often, LGEs have limited knowledge of accreditation making it essential for LHDs to proactively provide the necessary information. The training materials below are intended for local health officials to inform their respective LGEs on the basics of public health and the importance of accreditation.

Electronic Training Modules for LGEs
These short videos can be used to introduce LGEs to some important accreditation concepts.  More »
LGE Perspectives on Accreditation Videos
These videos, developed by the Institute for Wisconsin's Health, Inc., provide testimonials from board of health members in Wisconsin about the value and benefits of accreditation. More »