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Budget for Costs and Fees

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Costs for preparing for accreditation generally fall into three categories: the accreditation fees, staff time to support the process, and the costs of doing business (reflected in the creation of documentation, etc.). The following are resources to assist LHDs with budgeting for costs and fees for accreditation.

PHAB Accreditation Fee Schedule (2014-2015)
Fees are based on the size of the jurisdictional population served by the health department. Jurisdictional population is used as a proxy for complexity of the review. PHAB’s accreditation fee schedule will be published annually, one year in advance. The rate is applicable for a period of five years, beginning with the date of submission of the full application. Click on the "more" link to access the 2014-2015 PHAB accreditation fee schedule. More »
accreditNATION Newsletter
In addition to accreditation preparation and quality improvement resources and PHAB updates, NACCHO announces the most recent funding opportunities for accreditation through the accreditNATION e-newsletter. Click here to subscribe.
Story from the Field: Kane County Health Department
In this local health department Story from the Field, Kane County Health Department in Illinois describes how they faced severe budget cuts and restructured their agency around PHAB's standards and measures. 

Click the "more" link below to view this story; click here to view all of NACCHO's accreditation and QI Stories from the Field. More »

NACCHO Webinar: Making the Best of a Bad Situation: One LHD's Restructuring for Sustainability and Accreditation
In response to significant reduction in funding and workforce, Paul Kuehnert, Executive Director of the Kane County Health Department in Illinois, discusses how he used the PHAB draft standards as a framework to guide the redesign and reorganization of his agency. Kuehnert describes his strategy and the new organizational structure of his agency, which is set up around the ten essential services of public health and the PHAB standards.

Click here for information on NACCHO's accreditation and QI webinar series.