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Collect and Organize Documentation


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Each LHD must demonstrate compliance with PHAB standards and measures by collecting and submitting documentation. This phase of the accreditation preparation process includes the following two steps: 1). Formation of an accreditation preparation team and 2). Collection and electronic organization of documentation. These two activities should begin well in advance of submitting the PHAB application. The following resources exist to assist LHDs with organizing for accreditation.

PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5
This document serves as the official standards, measures, and required documentation for PHAB national public health accreditation. It provides guidance on the meaning and purpose of a measure and the types and forms of documentation that are appropriate to demonstrate conformity with each measure. The standards are based on the ten essential public health services and focus on “what” the health department provides in services and activities, regardless of “how” they are provided or through what organizational structure. More »
PHAB Documentation Guidance
This document provides general guidance for health departments to consider when selecting the specific documentation that will be submitted to PHAB for each documentation requirement contained in the PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5. More »
PHAB Documentation Selection Spreadsheet
PHAB has created this Excel spreadsheet template to assist health departments with organizing their documentation. More »
NACCHO Organizational Guide to Self-Study Process
This guide walks through the principle steps in undertaking the process for collecting PHAB documentation including forming the accreditation preparation team, orienting staff to accreditation, gathering documentation, and identifying areas of strength and weakness. More »
Example Documentation for Accreditation
NACCHO has collected examples of documentation that LHDs are using to meet PHAB standards and measures. Visit this page to view examples and learn about the LHDs submitting them.  More »
NACCHO Documentation Selection Tools
NACCHO's Documentation Selection Tools are designed to facilitate the process of accreditation preparation in local health departments. There are several tools available that highlight connections between measures that appear across different PHAB domains, simplify the preparation of major documents required by PHAB, and drive efficiencies in assigning and organizing the documentation collection process. 

These tools cover several topic areas and are recommended for use in conjunction with PHAB's tools and resources. More »

Preparing for Accreditation through Evidence-Based Interventions
NACCHO and the CDC's Community Guide Branch would like to announce the launch of The Community Guide – Public Health Accreditation Board Crosswalk. The Community Guide – PHAB Crosswalk is a tool to assist health departments in identifying evidence-based interventions from The Community Guide whose implementation could help document conformity with PHAB domains, standards, and measures.

As a companion tool, the NACCHO Model Practices-Community Guide Crosswalk: A Resource for Implementing Effective Public Health Strategies, can inform LHDs as they consider ways to address public health concerns with effective strategies. The crosswalk identifies NACCHO Model Practices implemented by LHDs alongside related recommendations from The Community Guide to help LHDs enhance their practice-based initiatives with evidence, while simultaneously providing examples of ways LHDs can translate evidence into practice in their jurisdictions.
NACCHO Documentation Review
NACCHO staff are available to review and provide comments on select pieces of documentation. For more information, contact
Prioritization Techniques for Selecting QI Efforts
Once an LHD has completed the PHAB documentation collection process, the possible areas for improvement may seem overwhelming. Where do you start doing QI? How do you choose QI efforts? This document outlines five prioritization methods LHDs can use to choose among the many and narrow them down to select the few best to start. It includes descriptions of each method as well as examples of how LHDs have used the methods. More »
Resources for Public Health Ethics
PHAB's Standards and Measures Version 1.5 contains an ethics requirement. A new measure (11.1.2 A) requires that health departments document that they identify ethical issues and make ethical decisions. Visit NACCHO's new Public Health Ethics website to access training and resources that will equip you with the insights and skills needed to address ethical issues that arise in the practice of public health. Take the CDC Good Decision Making in Real Time online course, with the option of obtaining continuing education units (CEUs), or peruse a variety of materials covering different aspects of public health ethics. The website serves as a portal through which you can learn more about CDC/NACCHO ethics projects, PHAB ethics requirements, and ethical considerations associated with specific sub-disciplines of public health. More »
NACCHO Webinar: The Cat's Out of the Bag - PHAB Beta Test Sites Share their Stories
In this 90-minute webinar, two health departments involved in PHAB's beta test for national accreditation revealed information about the process for participants. Norton County, KS, a small local health department, and the Iowa Department of Public Health provided insight into PHAB's assessment, site visits, and processes. The speakers gave tips to interested LHDs about organizing documentation, providing the right amount of information, and using quality improvement.

Click here for more information about NACCHO's accreditation preparation and QI webinar series.

NACCHO Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of Preparing for PHAB Accreditation
In this 90-minute webinar, three health departments share information about their PHAB accreditation preparation journeys. Three Rivers District Health Department (KY), Spokane Regional Health District (WA), and Coconino County Health Services (AZ) share information about preparing for accreditation including forming a team, engaging staff, and organizing and storing documentation.

Click here for more information about NACCHO's accreditation preparation and QI webinar series.
Story from the Field: West-Allis Health Department
In this local health department Story from the Field, West-Allis health department (WAHD) in Wisconsin describes its accreditation preparation and quality improvement activities. WAHD plans to apply for accreditation in 2011. 

Click on the "more" link to read this story; click here to view all of NACCHO's accreditation and QI Stories from the Field. More »

Story from the Field: Lessons from Locals
This story from the field describes lessons learned from North Carolina’s Local Health Department Accreditation Program and from accreditation preparation efforts in Tulsa City-County Health Department (OK).

Click on the "more" link to view this story; click here to view all of NACCHO's accreditation and QI Stories from the Field. More »