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Sample Vision Statements

If these examples do not address your concerns, or if you have additional questions, contact MAPP staff members at mapp@naccho.org and they will either answer your questions or connect you with a MAPP Mentor. 

Chicago, Illinois, Vision Statement

The Chicago Partnership's vision for local public health is:

"A responsive, sustainable public health system that, through cooperative efforts, planning and policy development, a broad focus on health promotion and disease prevention, and shared leadership and accountability, is positioned to respond to current and future public health challenges, and protects and promotes the health and well-being of all Chicago communities, residents and visitors, particularly the most disadvantaged."


Miller County, Georgia, Vision Statement

Miller County's vision for local public health is:

The first priority for building a viable healthcare system in Miller County will be to ensure strong leadership. The community envisions a healthcare system that is governed by a strong Hospital Authority. The Hospital Authority, Board of Health, County Commission, other boards, physicians, and other providers will act in unison guided by a common vision and with collaboration. These leaders will also collaborate with communities outside Miller County to build a strong sustainable system of healthcare.

  • The Community envisions aggressive hospital management. The management will: (1) be knowledgeable about healthcare management in the current environment; (2) keep up to date with continuing education; (3) develop a specific strategic plan that will guide the healthcare system for future success; and (4) collaborate with other providers to form partnerships in the community and with adjacent communities.
  • The Community envisions a modern healthcare facility including: (1) a modernized internal and external appearance; (2) an up-to-date Emergency Room; (3) staff that have current knowledge and skills; (4) up-to-date equipment; and (5) services that match the needs of the community.
  • The Community envisions a healthcare system that can meet 80 percent of the healthcare needs of the local residents. The scope of services will include Primary Care, OB, Physical Therapy, Emergency Services, Geriatric Services, Long Term Care, and new Rehabilitation Services.
  • The Emergency Services in the future healthcare system will have 24-hour physician coverage, EMS in-house, and will competently handle patients requiring transfer to a larger facility.
  • The Community envisions a healthcare team which includes a sufficient number of highly qualified family practitioners and medical specialists so that the citizens of Miller County can obtain most of their routine medical care within the community.
  • The Community envisions a hospital-owned clinic which would provide practice space for both community physicians and specialists who may visit periodically.

Stratford, Connecticut, Vision Statement

The town of Stratford's vision for local public health is:

  • A Stratford where building a sense of community is an everyday activity for each one of us.
  • A Stratford where an understanding and respect for differences create the Neighborhood of Stratford.
  • A Stratford where all members of the community feel neither fear nor threat to their personal well-being.
  • A Stratford where there is respect for the environment and our natural resources, in recognition of the connection between environmental health, mental health and physical health.
  • A Stratford where good health is not taken for granted, but is valued beginning at preconception and continuing throughout the lifespan...where prevention is the focus, including respect for our bodies, our minds and our souls.
  • A Stratford where children are valued and nurtured by a strong family and community support system.
  • A Stratford where each resident has the opportunity to develop and live life to his or her fullest potential with equal opportunities for all.
  • A Stratford where education is valued as a lifelong process enabling individuals to make informed choices.
  • A Stratford where alcohol and substance use do not present harmful consequences to the health and well-being of the community.
  • A Stratford where residents can create and enjoy a positive economic climate and where meaningful employment opportunities are available for all.
  • A Stratford where there is a commitment from the community to allocate the necessary resources to create a healthy, safe environment.
  • A Stratford where universal quality healthcare is accessible for all.
    (Town of Stratford, Health Advisory Council, March 1994)