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March 2010 MAPP CBSC Webcast

» Listen to the March 2010 CBSC Webcast

Community Balanced Scorecards to Make MAPP Partnerships More Effective
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
12:30–2:00 E.S.T., 11:30–1:00 C.S.T., 10:30–12:00 M.S.T., 9:30–11:00 P.S.T.

MAPP has helped numerous communities build public health partnerships and design plans to make their community health system work better. This free webinar will explore how CBSCs can make the MAPP process more effective by ensuring alignment of partners' efforts, clarifying partner roles, and increasing accountability for measurable results. Public health leaders from two MAPP communities will share their early experiences in using CBSC tools, such as strategy maps, to build on MAPP, and their expectations for improvements in their public health systems and outcomes. The webinar will also present ways to integrate CBSC with MAPP, wherever you may be in the MAPP process, and economic options for getting started.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to Community Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps.
  • How Community Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps can be used to improve alignment, collaboration, and implementation of community efforts to improve public health systems and outcomes.
  • How CBSC tools and components fit the stages of the MAPP process.
  • How MAPP and CBSC are mutually reinforcing, strengthening the impact of each methodology.
  • How two MAPP communities are using CBSC to build on MAPP to increase access to healthcare, improve community connectedness, and improve fitness and nutrition.
  • Highlights and lessons learned from other communities using CBSC tools including Community Results Compacts to cement partner commitments and strengthen accountability.

Featured Speakers:


Paul Epstein, Results that Matter Team Leader, Epstein & Fass Associates, who has been facilitating CBSC development and implementation in six communities in four states.

Belinda Johnson-Cornett, MSN, RN-BC, MBA, Administrator, Osceola County, Florida, Health Department, who has been leading Osceola County's CBSC approach to improve access to healthcare.


Karen van Caulil, PhD, Executive Director, Health Council of East Central Florida, a key participant in Osceola County's MAPP planning process and CBSC efforts.

Mark Peters, MS, Director of Community Health, St. Clair County, Illinois, Health Department, St. Clair County MAPP Coordinator, lead of CBSC efforts, and co-chair of the County's Get Up & Go partnership for improving fitness and nutrition.

Sample feedback from people who attended previous CBSC webinars:


"This CBSC [Community Balanced Scorecard] is unique in its kind and a serious attempt to tackle the complexity of collaborations."

"This is an excellent presentation for any local public health agency wanting to move their MAPP process from theory to practice."


"The whole presentation was useful. I especially liked the speakers who came across very well. Thank you again for an interesting presentation."


"I liked your demonstrations of projects currently in action."


"I especially appreciated the visual of an integrated planning and management system."