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Questions and Answers Contents

This section provides answers to questions posed through the MAPP Peer Assistance Network or during MAPP TA Webcasts. It also provides direct links to NACCHO staff.

Using the Website Q&A
If you are having difficulty navigating the website, or need assistance getting started, click here.
General MAPP Q&A
Q&A related to the overall MAPP process. More »
Q&A: MAPP Phases 1 & 2
Q&A related to developing and sustaining partnerships, marketing MAPP to partners, organizing for success, and visioning. Includes questions from the February 2005 TA Webcast. More »
Q&A: The Assessments
Q&A related to Conducting the Assessment Phase of the MAPP process. More »
Q&A: Identifying Strategic Issues
Q&A related to the Identifying Strategic Issues Phase. More »
Q&A: Evaluation
Q&A related to how to evaluate MAPP efforts. More »
Q&A: How MAPP Connects with Other National Initiatives
Q&A related to the connections and differences between MAPP and other assessment and planning tools, as well as national performance improvement initiatives like Accreditation. More »
Q&A: MAPP in Rural Communities
Q&A related to the unique challenges that rural communities face in implementing MAPP, and how to overcome those challenges. More »
Contact a MAPP Mentor
Click here to e-mail questions to the Peer Assistance Network. Include a brief description of your community so that we can match you with the most appropriate mentor. You can also go to the MAPP Mentors page on the MAPP Network. MAPP Mentors have extensive experience with the MAPP process and have been successful in supporting MAPP in their communities.
Contact NACCHO Staff
Use this list to contact NACCHO's MAPP staff for any of your MAPP or NPHPSP related questions.    More »