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InSPOT and SexInfo

» Replicable Internet Interventions for HIV and STD Prevention

Learn how local health departments can partner with ISIS, Inc.* to establish Internet partner notification and/or sexual health cell phone text messaging services for youth.

Deborah Levine, MA

Executive Director and Founder
ISIS, Inc.

Jeff Klausner, MD
Director of STD Control and Prevention
San Francisco Department of Public Health

To provide an overview of two Internet-based HIV/STI prevention tools and how they can be implemented for use in local health departments.

As a result of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the InSPOT and SexInfo tools developed by ISIS, Inc. and their intended role in prevention of HIV and STIs;
  • Describe how health departments have used these tools in practice, including how they have measured their effectiveness; and
  • Identify potential ways in which local health departments might collaborate with ISIS, Inc., either alone or as a region, to replicate one or both tools for use in their community.

*ISIS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to creating new and effective tools for reaching people with critical sexual health information.

Please download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Click here to listen to the archived call.

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