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H1N1 Webcasts

Webinar: H1N1 Lessons Learned
On April 27, Dialogue4Health, a project of the Public Health Institute, hosted a webinar on H1N1: "Lessons from the Pandemic, Overcoming the Vulnerabilities of a Fragile Public Health."
When: Tuesday, April 27
Time: 12 PM - 1:30 PM PDT
Topic: A discussion between leading public health and healthcare professionals to hear perspectives on how public health and healthcare systems met the challenge of preventing and controlling H1N1 influenza and cautions to be carried into future pandemic responses. Register online.

American College for Preventative Medicine Webinar on H1N1: Lessons Learned (March 2010)
The recording and slides are available.

Audio Recording of NACCHO Webinar: Alternative Sites for Flu Vaccination Clinics - Recent Experiences and Lessons Learned

To coincide with National Influenza Vaccination Week, NACCHO sponsored a webinar on Jan. 11 discussing LHDs'' and community agencies'' use of alternative influenza vaccination clinic sites. Speakers included a representative from Vote & Vax, an organization working to provide vaccinations at polling places nationwide, as well as staff from two LHDs. The audio recording is available here.

Transcript for NACCHO Webinar: H1N1 Outbreak—Health Department and Hospital Collaboration
This presentation educates state and local health officials and their legal counsel about legal issues that may arise when collaborating with hospitals and community healthcare providers during an outbreak.

Best Practices for H1N1 Flu Response: State of Sub-State Regional Webinar
Dr. Scott Lillibridge, Director of the National Center for Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response at Texas A&M University, has assembled the best practices of local public health agencies managing the H1N1 flu outbreak. Simulation Education Services is now offering this information through a series of webinars. The sessions address the following areas:

  • Early detection;
  • Early communication;
  • Case monitoring;
  • Public communications;
  • Inter-agency coordination;
  • Agency interface with schools, prisons and assisted living facilities;
  • Surge capacity management for hospitals and clinics; and
  • Vaccine distribution.
The sessions are delivered over audio and Internet conferencing systems and are 90 minutes in length. For more information or a fee quote, call (515) 321-7000 or e-mail

SES is an affinity partner of NACCHO; mention you are a NACCHO member to receive discounts on SES services and products.