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Pulling Together Tool

Pulling Together provides users with the ability to communicate effectively with their communities. Through improved communication, agencies enhance the overall cohesiveness and effectiveness of hazardous waste programs. The ability to coordinate and focus activities and share resources minimizes exposure to hazardous substances.

By focusing on agency roles and responsibilities, overcoming barriers, and building on the successes of the involved agencies, users will be able to:

  • Define agency roles and responsibilities;
  • State the benefits of, and challenges to, interagency collaboration;
  • List criteria to measure successful collaboration;
  • Evaluate agency efforts at collaboration; and
  • Identify opportunities to improve collaboration and site outcomes.

Pulling Together is based on the following assumptions:

  1. Improving interagency collaboration will improve the quality and quantity of information provided to the community.
  2. No single agency can adequately address environmental health concerns at a hazardous waste site.
  3. Citizens will turn to local health departments for information, resources, and other needs; agencies need to be included early and take an active role in community health education regarding the site.
  4. A successful collaborate effort requires open, honest communication and participation from all of the players.
  5. The processes that take place once a site becomes active will likely be lengthy, with unforeseen issues.
  6. As a first step in the Pulling Together process, the group should agree upon a facilitator or partnership leader/facilitator.

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