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»American Planning Association (APA)
APA is a non-profit public interest and research organization committed to urban, suburban, regional, and rural planning. APA and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners, advance the art and science of planning to meet the needs of people and society.

APA has partnered with NACCHO on a number of initiatives to help build partnerships between the planning and public health communities at the local level. For a specific links to physical activity, visit Planning and Designing the Physically Active Community.

»Designing and Building Healthy Places
CDC''s report, Creating a Healthy Environment: The Impact of the Built Environment on Public Health, links sprawling development to a number of public health problems. Ingham County (MI) Health Department issues community newsletters periodically focused on land use planning. Past topics have included street safety, street beauty, and physical activity and obesity.

»International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
ICMA''s Smart Growth Program is a multifaceted initiative that highlights issues related to strategic planning, implementation, and best management practices. This approach reflects ICMA''s recognition that smart growth must work in order to gain community support.

»Department of Transportation''s Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program
This program is designed to help decision-makers, transportation officials, and staff resolve the increasingly complex issues they face when addressing transportation needs in their communities. This comprehensive program for training, technical assistance, and support is targeted to state, local, regional, and tribal governments, transit operators, and community leaders.

»Active Living Research
Active Living Research is a program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created to stimulate and support research to identify environmental factors and policies that influence physical activity. This program seeks proposals from experts in fields such as exercise science, public health, transportation, urban planning, architecture, the behavioral sciences, healthcare, recreation, landscape architecture, geography, law enforcement, economics, policy studies, and education to form transdisciplinary teams to identify environmental factors and policies related to physical activity. Proposals should demonstrate the potential to produce high-quality scientifically sound research that could be used to inform policymakers about environmental and policy changes to increase physical activity levels in the U.S.

»Equitable Development Toolkit
PolicyLink''s Equitable Development Toolkit links gentrification and health disparities to the built environment. These tools have been crafted, using a comprehensive approach, to help community builders achieve equitable development-diverse, mixed-income/mixed-wealth neighborhoods.