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Health Impact Assessment Resources

Selected Resources and Tools
World Health Organization
The World Health Organization (WHO) has a thorough and comprehensive overview of Health Impact Assessments (HIA). The WHO HIA Web site includes definitions of HIA, case studies and examples of effective HIA, HIA procedure, a toolkit on HIA including guidelines and methodologies, and links to literature on HIA. As the health agency of the United Nations, it is a definitive source of information on HIA. More »
HIA Gateway
The HIA Gateway Web site is the product of the Health Development Agency's Stakeholder Workshop held in July 2001. It was designed for the person with a beginner's knowledge of HIA and for those who will be working either directly or indirectly with HIA. This Web site has links to HIA resources such as HIA guidelines and toolkits, completed HIAs, conference/seminar reports, and a list of upcoming training sessions on HIA. More »
New Zealand Public Health Advisory Committee
The New Zealand Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) is a statutory sub-committee of the National Health Committee (NHC).  It provides the New Zealand Minister of Health with independent advice on public health issues.

  More »

London Health Commission
The London Health Commission aims to effectively partner together agencies in London to reduce health inequities and to improve the health of all citizens. Their priority issues are health inequalities, wider determinants of health, and HIA. Their "Short Guide to HIA" is a schematic diagram of HIA and the qualitative evaluation of four health impact assessments. More »
Center for Health Equity Training, Research, and Evaluation (CHETRE)
The Centre for Health Equity Training, Research, and Evaluation (CHERE) and the New South Wales Department of Health have collaborated to develop the HIA Connect. This Web site helps relate the impact of the built environment on health. More »
Ingham County Health Department
The Ingham County Health Department is among the pioneers of health agencies in the United States that are implementing health assessment strategies. This link is to the Community Health Assessment portion of their department, which has links to community projects, copies of their "Building Healthy Communities" newsletter, and links to other research and health related issues. More »
San Francisco Department of Public Health
The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) is also leading the way in terms of implementing health assessment strategies. The Environmental Health section of SFDPH has programs on Health, Equity and Sustainability, Health and Urban Planning, Integrated Health and Environmental Impact Assessment, Mission Neighborhood Health Impact Assessment, and a Day Labor Project. More »
Community Impact Assessment (CIA)
Community Impact Assessment is the process to evaluate the effects of a transportation action on communities and their quality of life. More »
Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)
Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that is published in association with the Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Performing a Health Impact Assessment search yields results on Human Risk Assessment and Environmental Health Risk Assessment. There is a section on the built environment with a decent collection of articles ranging from "Building Awareness of the Built Environment" to articles on the effect of green space on health, lead poisoning, indoor painting, and more. Papers, reports, bibliographies on HIA. More »
Public Health Policy and Practice: A Framework for the Evidence Base
Public Health Policy and Practice: A Framework for the Evidence Base to Support Health Impact Assessment comes from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health and was written by Joffe and Mindell. The article focuses on the need for a strong evidence base for HIAs to be sound and effective. The article discusses the policy side of HIA and introduces the concept of the policy/risk assessment model (PRAM). Joffe and Mindell conclude that "the aim should be to conduct HIA to a high standard in order to obtain the maximum possible level of health gain; this aim cannot be realized without a robust evidence base." More »
Health Impact Assessment
In her article in the British Medical Journal, Karen Lock describes the potential for Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to improve public decision-making. She gives an overview of HIA but also focuses on its strengths as a multidisciplinary approach. Lock discusses the potential determinants of health considered in an HIA process, the benefits of public participation in the process, as well as the limitations of HIA among other things. More »
Health Impact Assessment: A Tool for Healthy Public Policy
Health Impact Assessment: A Tool for Healthy Public Policy is an article from Health Promotion International written by John Kemm. This is a great article on how HIA can both help officials and policy makers foresee the health consequences of a policy and ensure that the policy process considers the health consequences of policy. John Kemm is a frequent writer on HIA issues and an Honorary Clinical Lecturer with the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology, University of Birmingham. More »
Eastern Neighborhoods Community Health Impact Assessment (ENCHIA)
Eastern Neighborhoods Community Health Impact Assessments (ENCHIA) was an 18-month long process to assess the health benefits and burdens of development in several San Francisco neighborhoods. More »