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Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is defined as a systematic process that uses an array of data sources and analytic methods and considers input from stakeholders to determine the potential effects of a proposed policy, plan, program, or project on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population. HIA provides recommendations on monitoring and managing those effects. NACCHO aims to build the capacity of local health departments to be involved in decision-making processes through the use of HIA, and extend their role in public policies that impact health outcomes and health equity. 

NEW HIA Funding Opportunity
Health Impact Assessment and Tool Evaluation Funding Opportunity for 2015-2016

Through support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Healthy Community Design Initiative, the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is pleased to offer two funding opportunities for up to six Local Health Departments (LHDs). The funding opportunities are as follows:

Component A: Component A includes funding of up to $15,000 each for up to three LHDs to complete a Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

Component B: Component B includes funding of up to $5,000 each for up to three LHDs to conduct a HIA or HIA-like activity using at least one of three tools and provide an evaluation of the utility of the resource for conducting HIAs and HIA-like work. LHDs must use and evaluate one of the following three tools to be eligible for the funding: CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network; the CDC/National Park Service Parks, Trails and Health Workbook, and/or the CDC Healthy Community Design Checklist Toolkit. LHDs conducting or planning to conduct an HIA have the option of applying for both of these funding opportunities.

Interested LHDs can find the full Request for Proposals here, and the application for both funding opportunities here. Completed applications are due Thursday, September 10, 2015.

NACCHO and CDC staff hosted an optional teleconference call for interested applicants for both funding opportunities on Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 1-2 pm EDT. The call was recorded and can be found here

NACCHO Voice: The Word on Local Health Departments

The blog post discusses how HIA help local health departments partner with decision-makers and other stakeholders to advance healthy public policies. More »

Featured Resources
Featured Resources

Equity Metrics for Health Impact Assessment Practice

This tool is a set of process and outcome metrics related to promoting equity through HIA. These metrics provide more detail to the HIA Practice Standards regarding the incorporation of equity into HIA practice and aims to evaluate the degree to which an HIA successfully incorporated equity as well as help guide HIA practitioners, evaluators, and equity advocates to advance the consideration of equity in practice. More »

Health Impact Assessment: Quick Guide

This guide provides brief orientation to potential users of HIA who are working to create healthier living environments. More »

Planning for Healthy Places with Health Impact Assessments

This resource is a "how to" guide for conducting Health Impact Assessment, developed by the American Planning Association and NACCHO, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More »

The CDC/National Park Service Parks, Trails and Health Workbook 

The workbook is intended as an outline and quick guide for incorporating public health considerations in the development of a park or a trail. More>>

Healthy Community Design Checklist Toolkit

This toolkit can help planners, public health professionals, and the general public include health in the community planning process. More>>

CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

CDC's Tracking Network is an excellent data source for environmental hazards, exposures, and health conditions that can be a valuable asset to the HIA process. The Tracking Network provides not only national data but also state and local data. More>>


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NACCHO supports the use of HIA to build healthier communities by increasing the consideration of health in public policy decisions


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