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Foodborne Illness Systems Demonstration Site

What is the purpose of the Foodborne Illness Systems Demonstration Site project?
This project responds to the need for standardization and coordination of foodborne illness reporting and outbreak investigation systems at the local level. The goals of the project are to identify barriers within local systems, propose solutions, and identify/develop models to address these barriers and gaps.

Demonstration sites were funded to address public complaints of foodborne illness and laboratory reports of foodborne enteric disease; investigate outbreaks of foodborne illness; and disseminate information about methodologies, performance measures, collaborative strategies, and lessons learned to other health departments.

Who are the participants?
The five local health departments selected represent diverse population sizes, jurisdictions, structures, and geographical characteristics.


What occurs during the demonstration site process?
The primary activity is the implementation and tracking of programs proposed by the demonstration sites. Several program activities assist NACCHO and the demonstration sites with collaboration:

  • Site visits to establish contact with NACCHO food safety staff and food safety program funders;
  • Monthly conference calls to initiate the demonstration site process, share information, and track individual site progress;
  • NACCHO''s Food Safety Peer Assistance Network;
  • Sharing experiences with vignettes, conference presentations, and peer assistance; and
  • Building a learning community through collaboration among demonstration sites and the NACCHO food safety program.

The Foodborne Illness Systems Demonstration Sites create long-lasting collaborative efforts between NACCHO and local public health departments. NACCHO serves as a support structure and facilitator for the demonstration site process. It is the intent that many of the programs developed will be labeled as "model practices" and used by other local health departments around the country.