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PACE EH Online Training Module 3

Module 3 — Tasks 7–9

During Tasks 7–9, the team is instructed to begin developing viable indicators for a select number of the remaining priority issues (between 10 and 20). The development of indicators is simply moving from the qualitative efforts in Task 6 to quantitative measurements that will carry the process forward.

PACE EH puts indicator development before data investigation. In other words, we ask the teams to build indicators before establishing the existence of data to support or refute the use of the indicator. Keep in mind, if the indicator your team decides on has no supporting data, you have the start of a great action plan staring you in the face.  

Note: Facilitators often need to work with the team to describe what environmental health indicators are, and how they are to be used for the remainder of the PACE EH work. Please refer to the PACE EH indicator development process described in detail on pages 38–39 of the PACE EH guidebook.