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PACE EH, Colorado

San Juan Basin Health Department, Durango, Colorado

Completing PACE EH in less than 12 months

The facilitators from the San Juan Basin Health Department, drawing on extensive experience working with community members on a number of environmental health advisory committees, organized PACE EH (Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health) work around existing community environmental health interest networks. This greatly reduced the time and expertise normally required for facilitators to work through the first four tasks of the PACE EH methodology.

One of the primary facilitators of the San Juan PACE EH process was well-versed in community based participatory research methods, filling a need that many other PACE EH sites have to either find or develop.

The relatively short time frame ensured that volunteers always "saw the light at the end of the tunnel." Their commitment increased because the project requirements were well established and alternates were chosen for each crucial team member.

Strict meeting times and schedules were established and adhered to, as were clear and concise channels of communication between facilitators and volunteers. 

For more information, visit:
San Juan Basin Health Department, Durango, CO