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National PACE EH Summit

National PACE EH Summit
Louisville, KY: March 28-29, 2006

NACCHO, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hosted the National PACE EH Summit March 28-29, 2006. The meeting provided attendees with information and guidance around relevant themes arising out of the implementation of PACE EH as presented by a diverse group of speakers and experts on the process. Further, attendees participated in dialogues designed to assist NACCHO and the CDC's National Center for Environmental Health in evaluating the impact of PACE EH and coordinating efforts to further broaden implementation. 

The meeting was a huge success and we thank you for your participation. Additionally, you may view the PowerPoint presentations from each session track in the links below.

Day One Presentations: March 28, 2006
The first day of presentations includes an introduction to the PACE EH methodology, lessons from PACE EH pilot and demonstration sites, how to build a CEHA team, and more. More »
Day Two Presentations: March 29, 2006
The second day of presentations focuses on the importance of assessment and strategic planning, facilitation skills, and PACE EH as a tool for environmental justice. More »
Summit Faculty List
Summit faculty included representatives from NACCHO, local and state health departments, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Indian Health Service (IHS), and academia. More »
Summit Agenda
The agenda for the PACE EH Summit includes summit tracks. The first track is dedicated to explicating the methodology and dialogue around best practices, while the second track describes tangible PACE EH outcomes and the value of PACE EH work in the context of ongoing environmental health initiatives. More »
Summit Proceedings
This 14-page document summarizes each session by describing what participants learned and implications for future PACE EH users. More »