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PPHR Overview


Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) is a competency-based training and recognition program that assesses preparedness and assists local health departments (LHDs), or groups of LHDs collaborating as a region, to respond to emergencies. The PPHR criteria are nationally recognized standards for local public health preparedness. NACCHO regularly updates the criteria to align with recent federal initiatives, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Emergency Preparedness (CDC PHEP) capabilities and Public Health Accreditation Board's Standards and Measures. Each of the three PPHR project goals—all-hazards preparedness planning, workforce capacity development, and demonstration of readiness through exercises or real events—has a comprehensive list of standards that agencies must meet to achieve PPHR recognition.

PPHR builds preparedness capacity and capability through a continuous quality improvement model that can be maintained within the participating LHD and region after recognition is achieved. By working with response partners to develop and enhance their plans and processes to meet the PPHR criteria, agencies strengthen working relationships and improving their integration within the preparedness community.

Vision:  Local health departments will be fully integrated into the response community and prepared to respond to any emergency.

Mission:  To protect the public's health and increase the public health infrastructure by building local health department preparedness capacity and capability with assistance from state health departments using sustainable tools to plan, train, and exercise a continuous improvement model.

PPHR Flyers
PPHR Informational Flyer
Click here to view a flyer with basic overview information for PPHR. More »
NACCHO's Preparedness Model of Practice
Learn how PPHR exemplifies NACCHO's Preparedness Model of Practice through the continuous quality improvement cycle in place since its initial formation. More »
Hear from PPHR-Recognized Agencies
News and Stories
Read about how Project Public Health Ready has helped local health departments to be more prepared for emergencies. More »
Listen to representatives from local health departments discuss why their agencies decided to apply for Project Public Health Ready recognition and how the process benefited them.

Barbara Worgess, Chief Health Officer for Coconico County Public Health Services District, AZ

Naomi Mirowitz, Public Health Readiness Planner at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, PA

Getting Started
New Applicant Checklist
Click here to learn about the specific steps necessary to begin the PPHR application process. More »
Applicant Eligibility
 See if your agency is eligible to apply for PPHR recognition. More »
PPHR State-Supported Model
Click here to learn about PPHR's state-supported model for new applicants. All new LHDs seeking PPHR recognition must use this collaborative model of PPHR, which is implemented throughout a state by a state health department, state association of county and city health officials (SACCHO), or other approved agency or organization. More »
PPHR Process Guide
Read over the PPHR process guide to get a full overview of the PPHR application development process, including roles, responsibilities, and timelines. More »
Application Cost
Learn what the PPHR application fee supports and find out more about costs and fee submission. More »
PPHR Criteria
Visit the PPHR criteria page to see the necessary components of a a PPHR application. The PPHR criteria are nationally-recognized standards for local public health preparedness. They are updated regularly and incorporate guidelines from key federal programs. More »
Alignment With National Programs
Learn more about how PPHR compares to other national standards. More »
PPHR Review Calendar
Click here to learn more about the timeline for application reviews and the responsibilities of applicants, state leads, reviewers, and NACCHO staff. More »
Prospective Applicant Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions for prospective PPHR applicants and their answers. More »