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New Applicant Checklist

Interested in implementing PPHR in your state?  Look over the steps below to learn how to get started.

How to Bring Project Public Health Ready to Your State

1. Review the Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) applicant eligibility guidelines to determine if your agency is eligible to participate.


2. Check the list of state leads on the state-supported model page to see whether your state already participates in PPHR.  If your state is listed, contact the state lead to share your interest and learn about upcoming deadlines.


3. If your state is not currently participating in PPHR, contact NACCHO at PPHR currently uses a state-supported model in which all agencies intending to apply from within the same state must identify a common state lead to be a liaison between NACCHO and PPHR applicants. NACCHO works with eligible agencies and representatives to determine how they may implement PPHR, including identifying a state lead.  See the PPHR Process Guide for more information.


4. The state lead coordinates with eligible agencies within that state to determine a timeline for all applications. The state lead shares this information with NACCHO, updating projections as needed.


5. NACCHO provides the state lead with the appropriate application requirements and guidance, including an Intent to Apply form, for the designated review cycle.


6. The state lead submits and Intent to Apply form and Part 1 of the application fee at least 10 months before the intended application submission date for each applicant in the state.  PPHR reviews are conducted annually each fall. 


7. NACCHO conducts an orientation with the state lead and stakeholders from the eligible agencies within that state.  This orientation is conducted when the first group of agencies is ready to begin the application process.