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Alignment with National Programs

NACCHO is pleased to share the resources below that highlight the linkages between PPHR Criteria and two other national standards-based programs: Public Health Accreditation Board's (PHAB) national accreditation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement. Development of these new resources follows a strong history between these three programs. 

For over a decade, PPHR and PHEP have supported building local and state public health preparedness capacity and capability and have a strong history of informing one another. In 2013, NACCHO developed a resource designed to demonstrate the strong connection between the CDC public health preparedness capabilities and the PPHR criteria. This new resource further defines the specific alignment between the two programs and demonstrates how participation in PPHR can be used to inform a strategy for meeting PHEP requirements.

NACCHO's accreditation and preparedness teams developed a Documentation Selection Tool in 2012 to highlight the numerous places where documentation requirements from the PHAB's voluntary national accreditation program and the PPHR voluntary recognition program align. The document crosswalks the 2012 PPHR Criteria with PHAB's Standards and Measures version 1.0 and is designed to assist accreditation coordinators in PPHR-recognized LHDs to identify areas where PPHR documentation may be considered for demonstrating compliance with PHAB measures. 

While strong relationships and partnerships exist between these three standards-based programs, both resources note that NACCHO has no bearing on decisions made by these partner agencies.  These resources are meant only to show alignment and overlap between these national standards. For more information about PPHR or these resources, please email

PPHR Alignment with PHEP

PPHR Alignment with PHAB

PPHR Alignment with the Operational Readiness Review Tool (ORR)