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PPHR Application Cost

NACCHO strives to provide quality technical assistance to PPHR applicants and to ensure a consistent and fair application review process.  Beginning with the fall 2013 review cycle, NACCHO instituted an application fee to strengthen NACCHO’s ability to provide high quality services to applicants.

What the Fee Supports
  • A designated point of contact to provide technical assistance on the application process, the interpretation of the PPHR criteria, and the development of appropriate evidence;
  • Orientation and training for all national reviewers at the start of each review cycle;
  • An in-person meeting for national reviewers to conduct application reviews;
  • Associated IT costs, such as conference calls with national reviewers and software and server space used for application submission, review, and storage;
  • A public recognition reception for PPHR-recognized agencies at the annual Preparedness Summit; 
  • Recognition materials, including plaques presented to recently PPHR-recognized agencies at the annual recognition reception;  
  • Annual updates to PPHR guidance material that highlight unique funding opportunities, success stories, and information on the newest federal guidance and national initiatives that support PPHR re-recognition.
Fee Structure

The fee for applicants without current PPHR recognition status is $5,000. The fee for applicants pursuing re-recognition is $2,500.  NACCHO collects half the fee (Part 1) when the applicant decides to apply, and the second half (Part 2), upon submission of the application.  

Part 1 ($2,500 or $1,250 respectively) is submitted along with the applicant’s Intent to Apply form. For fall 2014, the Intent to Apply Form is due October 31, 2013.   Part 2 is submitted along with the Application Submission form and the completed application.  For fall 2014, the application submission date is August 29, 2014.

Additional details on the submission of fees and forms can be obtained by e-mailing


Please note: PPHR applicants may take advantage of existing language included by CDC in the 2012 PHEP Cooperative Agreement Funding Opportunity Announcement that designates PPHR as an allowable PHEP program cost, allowing them to use PHEP funds to pay for PPHR.