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MRC Lessons Learned and Experience Sharing

"MRC lessons learned and experience sharing" is designed to highlight the challenges and successes of emergency preparedness, response, and public health activities completed by MRC units. The goal of this Web page is to share practices, examples, and success stories of MRC units.

To submit a story or example of how your unit has overcome a challenge, a practice that has worked well for your unit, or an experience, please fill out this form and e-mail it to mskupien@naccho.org. Please include any pictures or other media you may have in the same e-mail. Also, please let us know if there is a topic you feel should be included.


Topics Lessons Learned and Experiences
Community Ownership/"Buy In"
 Snohomish County (WA)
Continuity of Leadership
Day-to-Day/Public Health Activities  
ESAR-VHP Integration
H1N1 (Swine Flu)  
Legal Issues with Volunteers  
Media Involvement Southeast Wisconsin MRC
Political Battles and "Turf Wars"  
Red Cross-MRC Integration

Ashland County City MRC

McLean County Health Department MRC (IL)

Ashland Branch Massachusetts MRC Region 4A

Region 4A (MA)

Responses to Emergencies  
Training and NIMS Compliance  
Volunteer Recruiting and Retention  
Social Media/Web 2.0
Northeast Texas MRC  
Richmond City MRC  
Monroe County MRC
Other North Alabama MRC


A project of NACCHO's MRC-Public Health Workgroup