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Demonstration Sites

In an effort to identify, support, and chronicle innovative local public health practices, NACCHO funds and supports a number of demonstration site initiatives. Although the demonstration site projects vary widely, all are united by NACCHO's common interest in establishing:

  • Opportunities to test and evaluate new and promising local public health methodologies;
  • Peer-based networks to serve the field as technical advisors;
  • Improvements in local public health practice and outcomes; and
  • An improved local public health workforce.

NACCHO is actively supporting activities at demonstration sites representing projects in the following areas:

  1. Accreditation Preparation and Quality Improvement
  2. Health and Disability
  3. Advanced Practice Centers
  4. All-Hazards Preparedness and Public Health Integration
  5. Community-based Environmental Health Assessment (CEHA)
  6. Food Safety
  7. Mental Health/Public Health/Primary Care
  8. Project Public Health Ready
  9. Climate Change
  10. Healthcare-Associated Infections