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Selected News Items
‘Riders Helping Riders’: Alcohol and Motorcycling Growing Problem, Target of New State Safety Program

Deaths from traffic crashes have leveled off in recent years nationwide, but motorcycle fatalities are climbing ominously, nearly doubling in the last eight years. Experts believe one cause is the same culprit in many auto crashes ­­ alcohol. More »  

Washington, D.C. Red Light Cameras Fail to Reduce Accidents

The District''s red-light cameras have generated more than 500,000 violations and $32 million in fines over the past six years. City officials credit them with making busy roads safer. More »  

It’s Clicking! Seat Belt Use Reaches All-Time High in U.S.

Putting a 16-year-old behind the wheel of a car can be asking for trouble. Teens have more accidents than any other age group. In fact, car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens from 15 to 19, more than suicides, drugs and guns combined. How bad is it? More » 

New Car Smell Emerges as Auto Safety Issue

Anyone who''s pulled away from the dealer''s lot in a shiny, new sedan knows the seductive scent of fresh plastic, paint and upholstery that evokes a rush of pride and consumer satisfaction. But that unmistakable new-car smell may soon be heading the way of the rumble seat. More »  

NHSTA Proposes New Child Booster Seat Rules

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed new requirements for child safety seat manufacturers that choose to make booster seats for older and heavier children. More »