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Publications and Tools

Selected Publications and Tools
Overview of Comprehensive Tobacco Control Strategies for Local Health Departments

This issue brief discusses the five components of a comprehensive tobacco control program and provides examples of how local health departments (LHDs) have practiced effective control strategies. The brief describes each of the five components in detail (community interventions; health communication interventions; cessation interventions; program administration and management; and surveillance and evaluation) and illustrates them with an LHD success story.

NACCHO’s Incorporating Principles of Social Justice to Tobacco Control Issue Brief -- July 2007
NACCHO’s Needs Assessment of Tobacco Program Managers at Local Health Departments Research Brief -- July 2007
NACCHO’s 2005 National Profile of Local Health Departments: Tobacco Prevention and Control Fact Sheet
Tobacco Prevention and Control: Implementing Comprehensive Programs
NACCHO developed this resource guide to assist Local Health Departments (LHDs) and their partners in implementing NACCHO's Program and Funding Guidelines for Comprehensive Local Tobacco Control Programs. Created for tobacco control and prevention LHD staff, this guide serves as an everyday resource and as a supplement to tobacco control and prevention trainings targeted at LHDs and their partners. More »
NACCHO's National Profile of Local Health Departments: Tobacco Prevention and Control

In 2005 and 2008, NACCHO conducted two formal surveys of local health departments (LHDs) across the nation to capture a representative understanding of the public health workforce and LHD activities. This fact sheet highlights the results of the 2008 National Profile of Local Health Departments and the 2005 National Profile of Local Health Departments that are relevant to tobacco prevention and control activities in LHDs, including regulatory activities, environmental health and other, specific programmatic activities, and changes to provision of these services over the last three years. More>>