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National Prevention Strategy

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Representing the nation's 2,800 local governmental health departments (LHDs), NACCHO is advancing the nation's efforts to prevent diseases and helping American's live more healthful and productive lives.  NACCHO, in conjunction with its membership  supports the achievement of the goals delineated under the National Prevention Strategy (NPS) and are is taking action along with local partners, and local communities to promote policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to address disease risk factors.

What can local health departments do to implement the National Prevention Strategy

With the passing of the ACA and the changing dynamics in local, state, and federal levels of government, local health departments are in the unique position to aide their communities in implementing the NPS. Local health departments can engage local stakeholders including elected officials, business community, faith-based institutions, and health providers and serve as data and information experts on the impact that a healthy community will have in their local area and region. Roles that local health departments can undertake in the implementation of the NPS:

  • Serve as Community Health/Health Impact Assessment experts
  • Form local coalitions of stakeholders and community members to disseminate the goals, objectives, and benefits of the NPS
  • Advocate for the implementation of priorities and recommendations listed in the NPS
  • Advocate for the strengthening of local policies and programs that overlap with priorities and recommendations listed in the NPS
  • Enhance data collection activities on chronic diseases, especially in the area of epidemiology
  • Work with other partner organizations, local health departments, and the Federal government to disseminate lessons learned

For a copy of the entire National Prevention Strategy, click here

Two-Part Webinar Series
Implementing the National Prevention Strategy at the Local Level

NACCHO''s two-part webinar series, "Implementing the National Prevention Strategy at the Local Level," is now available online. The first part of the series, "Working with Non-Traditional Partners to Improve Community Health," discussed how local public health officials and staff members can implement the National Prevention Strategy by working with non-traditional partners using a health in all policies approach. You can access it here.

The second installment featured local health department success stories on using a multi-sector approach to building healthier communities and combating tobacco, obesity, and chronic disease. You can access it here.

NACCHO's National Prevention Strategy External Site

Visit NACCHOs National Prevention Strategy external site for more information on how LHD's can use the NPS. Click here