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Mental Health

This is an archived program. Resources are still available although grant funding has ended.

Local health departments' (LHDs') involvement in mental health varies greatly from one LHD to the next. Following September 11, 2001, NACCHO felt a renewed need to examine the public health connection to mental health and how LHDs were being called on to participate in and support mental health activities.

In the Spotlight
NACCHO Exchange: Mental Health

NACCHO Exchange promotes effective local public health practice. The Summer 2008 issue (volume 7, issue 3) explores ways that local health departments are working to improve mental health outcomes in their communities. This issue examines mental health initiatives and includes articles about maternal depression; integrating Primary Care and Mental Health Services; and building individual and community resilience.

Mental Health Publications
Group of people

NACCHO's Mental Health Program has produced issue briefs and compendiums to highlight the relationship between mental health and public health. In addition, there have been numerous mental health entries in NACCHO publications such as Dispatch and NACCHO Exchange. More »

Mental Health Compendium

 To understand the scope of mental health services provided by LHDs and to identify existing collaborations between mental health and public health entities, NACCHO conducted a brief online survey of its chronic disease and primary care e-mail distribution list members in December 2006. From the nearly 200 responses, NACCHO selected nine representing diverse programs and geographic profiles (region of the country, size of population served, rural or urban jurisdiction status, and ethnic composition of population served). More »