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H1N1 AAR Resources

HSEEP-Compliant AAR Resources, Templates and Examples
The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) is a national standard for all preparedness-related exercises. HSEEP "supports organizations to achieve objective assessments of their capabilities so that strengths and areas for improvement are identified, corrected, and shared as appropriate." NACCHO has provided the following HSEEP-compliant tools and resources for use in evaluation of activities related to the H1N1 response through After Action Reports (AAR).

NACCHO has provided answers to frequently asked questions on the process of creating an HSEEP-compliant AAR. For additional information, please email

» Exercise and Evaluation Guides (EEG)
» Debrief/Hotwash Templates and Examples
» AAR Resources, Templates and Examples
Exercise and Evaluation Guides (EEG)


AAR Resources, Templates and Examples